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Las Vegas Officials Preparing for Water Shortage

By Angela Bedford on March 22, 2008  Email it!    Print Version

Play Slots at Rushmore Casino! LAS VEGAS, NV -- With the development of new casinos, residential neighborhoods, and additional businesses, the population growth in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas is soaring.  As more and more people are brought to the area, the question of having enough water for everyone is becoming a major issue for Nevada officials. Currently, Las Vegas receives 90% of its drinking water from Lake Mead, a lake that is downstream of the flowing water coming out of the Rocky Mountains.

In recent discussions, Nevada officials have taken a serious look at desalination, the process of converting water from the ocean into human potable fresh drinking water.  Despite the high costs and technical challenges associated with the technology, The Southern Nevada Water Authority is seriously considering desalination as a solution.

Back in February, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons made headlines when he said he would rather see Las Vegas rely on desalination plants on the Pacific coast than on the controversial planned pipeline to move rural Nevada water to Las Vegas.

California groups such as the Sierra Club and other environmental organzations immediately fired back at the Governor saying his plan will never happen.

"Due to the manner in which these plants operate, they cause large 'dead zones' in the surrounding marine life, where no mammals, fish or plants survive", said one cynical observer who believes California should not build desalination plants for Nevada.

Other obstacles to the plan include the amount of additional electricity needed to operate the desalination plants. A 7-state commission tasked with finding a way to increase water flow in the Colorado river will release its findings next month.

Some in the area have said population growth needs to be slowed.  "Stop building new casinos and residential neighborhoods.  If we do that, there won't be a problem to face."

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Recent Comments

Posted by Frank Passarelli on 03/24/2008 02:00:51 PM EST
Information on Newest Desalination Technology

Information on Desalination

Water Desalination International?s Advanced Vapor Compression Desalination Process is an advanced and highly environmentally friendly desalination process, an alternative single performance lower maintenance process compared to Reverse Osmosis. The system is based on traditional flash distilling principles that incorporate a unique and compact design. The various designs can accommodate either salt recovery by extracting water from seawater drawn from wells beneath the sea floor while recovering the valuable sea salts for commercial use or returning the brine to the sea.

The process has modular abilities and can be expanded to meet future requirements in water demand or designed and built at the start for higher volume. A basic plant design can operate on solar, thermal, nuclear or traditional energy sources. Each unit is optimized from an initial engineering site study to account for different environmental and structural needs. A basic stand-alone unit of 1 acre-foot per day has a footprint of approximately thirty feet in diameter. The larger the plant water volume the lower the cost is per acre-foot. The plant energy consumption is on the order of about 5 to 21 kw per 1000 gallons produced based on the design, volume produced and type of energy.

The system can also be used in industrial treatment and recovery of effluent water. The life cycle of the plant is based on a 25 year timeline which can be extended through proper preventable maintenance and overhaul.

This is a very brief description of our process. Please feel free to contact me with any questions as I look forward to continue discussions of the ?Passarell? Advanced Vapor Compression Process.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Frank Passarelli
Water Desalination International, Inc.
Posted by Barrie Harrop on 08/02/2008 11:49:00 PM EST
we can solve the water shortage in Vegas.
Refer to this disturbing story about the gravity of the situation in Australia with River Murray ,the main fresh water source for over 2.5m Australians

We soft launched Windesal at the CEDA forum on water in Adelaide(massive interest over 60 systems), our global engineers/project managers Windesal® although it seems most Govts want to buy our water/power under contract, we can do up to 40m liters per day per system from sea/ground water to fresh

There has been much talk about climate change, but not much about where we will see its first impact.

Flooding ,Drought, water is the vector of climate change, we already have seen in recent times in where there is intense competition for water, Windesal® can sustain many areas of these regions of Aust/Worldwide that will be impacted by this issue, that may suffer physically or economically from this lack of fresh water shortage and could benefit from sustainable energy.

Windesal® can deal efficiently in way to lead the greatest single issue of the 21st Century: Sustainability.
Posted by Billly Jones on 12/02/2009 11:22:37 AM EST
I think that this is a big problem for las vegas but they still need to think about all of their tourist attractions because if all of the casino's go under then no one will want to come and vist Las Vegas they wont want to go here so that they can look at the farmers! they whole reason that people go to Vegas is so that they can get away from there troubles and if there's no casinos whats going to happen to everyone? I do think that water is important but so is vegas and things will be no longer without sin city.

Thank You,


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